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CALENDAR – Project A.R.K. Kids Activities

PROJECT A.R.K. (Aids & Resources for Kids)

Project A.R.K. consists of licensed professionals who provide professional services to families of all children, infancy through 23 years of age, diagnosed with life-threatening and chronic illnesses and living in Southern Nevada.  This division of NVCCF houses the financial, educational, and emotional support services for critically ill children and their families.   A.R.K. also represents the Foundation’s logo, the ARK OF HOPE.

Referrals for services originate from local and out of state hospital personnel, out-patient medical clinics, social workers, and
child-life specialists along with family and friends of a diagnosed child. Within 48 hours of receiving a referral, NVCCF service
professionals work in tandem to provide resources for the needs of each family.

NVCCF works to improve the quality of life for critically ill children who fight a daily battle against disease.  All programs and services are provided at NO COST to diagnosed children and their families living in Southern Nevada who are
described in NVCCF’s Mission.