Adults undergoing cancer treatment may experience long hospital stays and missed workdays which often result in financial crisis. ORION Grant Fund was established to help lessen the financial burden resulting from medical crisis by offering grant funding for basic living needs.

Eligible applicants may receive assistance with expenses UP TO and NOT to exceed $1,500 in a 12-month period.  A completed application does NOT guarantee funding.  A private governing board reviews all requests and approves based on need and grant monies available.

Types of Grant Assistance Considered:


Funds are managed and approved by a governing grant donor board. If requests are declined, applicants are free to apply again, but as in all grant awards or declines, reasons for declines will not be provided. 


Please read grant directions carefully and complete all information before submitting for review. Incomplete applications will be denied without review.

NVCCF offers over 40 programs and services AT NO COST for critically ill children, caregivers, and adults touched by cancer living in Southern Nevada.  NVCCF is not affiliated with any national organizations and therefore relies on the Southern Nevada community for financial support of its programs and services.