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The Caring Place, an adult services program of Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, is dedicated to easing the journey of those adults diagnosed with cancer as well as their caregivers. An oasis away from medical facilities, The Caring Place Program provides no-cost programs and services to support, educate and empower those who have or have had cancer as well as their direct caregivers.

The programs and services are intended to assist in healing mind, body, and soul and are not a replacement for medical care.  We are committed to improving your quality of life and helping you experience joy and peace.

Adult SUPPORT GROUPS offered by The Caring Place:

Breast Cancer Group   Woman to Woman Group
General Cancer Group  Caregivers Group
Multiple Myeloma Group

Adult SERVICES offered by The Caring Place:

Support Groups Massage Therapy Reflexology
Guided Imagery Gentle Yoga Art Classes
Meditation for Stress Reduction Reiki QiGong
Nutrition Lectures Stress Relief with Beads Singing Bowls Meditation
 Exercise Classes  Acupressure  Activities

Services for Children whose Parents are diagnosed with cancer:

Kool Kidz Workshop Relaxing Yoga for Kids
TEEN Seek Group Reiki Sessions
Tutoring for School Age Children Arts & Crafts Activities
Reflexology Camp Cartwheel Summer Camp

“The Reiki is incredible.  I have felt such a relief from the pain and the side effects from chemo.The second you walk into the center the love comes from all angles. It makes me feel valued in a cancer world that can be sterile and cold.”
Alix, 53, Participant diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma

Please contact The Caring Place Program at 702.871.7333
Center Tours Available:   Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 

To participate in the programs and services of The Caring Place, individuals must meet one of the following qualifications :

  • Adults diagnosed with cancer
  • Adults living in and receiving cancer treatment in Southern Nevada
  • Adults presently in treatment for cancer
  • Direct caregivers of an adult or child currently diagnosed or in treatment with cancer
  • Survivors (up to five years) of cancer diagnosis
  • Loss of a loved one (immediate family member, partner, or spouse) may receive services for up to 36 months after loss
  • School age children whose parents are diagnosed with cancer (adolescent support group and activities available)

Participants may continue to participant in GROUP ACTIVITIES and CLASSES ONLY as long as they can prove they were diagnosed with cancer or were a direct caregiver for a cancer patient and registered with The Caring Place within the defined limits above.

For continued bodywork (individual services), a participant must show a true need such as permanent damage to digestive system function, brain function etc. Those who survived the illness and have no complications from the disease may be limited to group functions.

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