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Staff members of the interdisciplinary care team are responsible for integrating the emotional, social, financial and educational needs of patients and their families with medical and nursing interventions.  The care team continually provides support to families through the progression of illness or the loss of a loved one.


•Meet with the families to complete psycho-social assessment determining patient/family needs, individual coping styles, and available support systems through a devastating disease
• Advocate for non-medical issues related to childhood cancer
• Skilled at crisis intervention, helping patients/families adapt to a medical diagnosis and assist with providing resources to meet basic needs
• Instrumental in helping families navigate the health care system and apply for Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicaid
• Have legal and ethical responsibility to advocate for the appropriate care of children
• Collaborate with community and national organizations to obtain appropriate resources for patients and their families


• Skilled in disability rights, cultural values, theories of child development, system theory, medical ethics, codes of conduct, child protection, and legal responsibilities
• Provide counseling and offer coping skills to children and their families after diagnosis and during treatment
• Assist patients and families with re-entry to school, ongoing counseling and navigating the complex issues of survivorship and late effects                   •  Performs all duties listed under Licensed Social Worker


•Provide specialized tutoring services to ill child, their sibling and children whose parents are diagnosed with cancer
• Provide direct instruction, by a licensed teacher, in an inpatient and fully functional hospital classroom as part of a daily treatment for inpatient students
• Implement strategies and activities to support and maximize each student’s ability to learn
• Facilitate school meeting (504, IEP, and private conferences) to educate staff on child’s medical, social, and emotional needs to ensure a successful path for education in school
• Ensure appropriate accommodations to curriculum for equal access to education for children with medical and behavioral heath needs
• Facilitate in-home and inpatient education services if a child is unable to return to school                                                                                                            • Facilitate education and school re-entry programs with parents, teachers and other students to ensure an understanding of special issues upon returning to the classroom after illness