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Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

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Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Counseling and Support Services

Being diagnosed with a life-threating or chronic illness is a traumatic experience for a child as well as for parents and siblings.  Treatments to fight diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, renal disease, hemophilia and immunologic disease can contribute to psychological and physical issues for children who fight a daily battle against disease as well as for survivors of disease and family members.

If your child is diagnosed with a life threatening or critical illness and they, or family members, are experiencing one or more of these issues, please contact us to learn more:

Fear       Memory Loss
Anxiety Inability to Concentrate
Anger Poor or Declining School Grades
Physical or Emotional Overreactions   Depression
Behavior Changes     Irritability 


Please call NCCF at 702.735.8434 to find out more about the implications of living with a childhood chronic illness and how we may help. 

Individual and Family Counseling

Counseling is offered to those who do not have insurance and those who have difficulty obtaining the service within the community.

Each participant’s case is reviewed to determine how their needs would best be served.

NCCF has licensed, qualified, professional counselors - Individual and family counseling services are offered free to our clients.

NCCF partners with All About You Counseling to provide in-home counseling and behavioral interventions for those clients who are unable to participate within the office setting.

Counseling Focus:

Issues and concerns that have surfaced after being diagnosed with a childhood chronic illness.

Struggling from low self-esteem, poor body images, depression, aggression and more.


Sickle Cell Support Groups:  Share experiences and information at our Sickle Cell Support meeting held the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. at NCCF.  Food is provided.

Patient-Sibling Workshop:  Scheduled one Saturday per month, this workshop is let by an NCCF Social Worker and includes a supportive discussion and art activity, that helps siblings and patients feel important, creative, and teaches positive communication and expression to improve relations.

Coping Skills Open Group:  Learn healthy coping skills for pain management and relieving anxiety using techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and visualization techniques.    This group is led by a licensed therapist who provides supportive counseling.

Clinic Support Services: Supportive services are provided to patient and families within the medical clinics.  Services are offered during treatment and facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Cancer Survivor Clinic:  NCCF has partnered with Comprehensive Cancer Center’s of Nevada to create Nevada’s first Cancer Survivor Clinic. This clinic can help as you as you transition from active treatment to a new life as a survivor. Our dedicated team which consists of a Pediatric Oncologist, a Licensed Master Level Social Worker, and Education Specialist and a Healing Arts Specialist, provide a thorough evaluation, including history of diagnosis and treatment, educational, psychosocial/mental health and wellness assessments.  Your oncologist and team of experts develop a physical, educational, emotional and psychological wellness plan designed especially for you.   If you have lived with, through or beyond cancer, you are a survivor. Now that you are finished with treatments, and you want to get back to normal you realize that “normal” before cancer diagnosis and treatment and “normal “after diagnosis and treatment may look different and you are now faced with the task of redefining “normal.” 

Please contact NCCF at 702.735.8434 to receive counseling services and to participate in an NCCF Workshop. 

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NCCF is A Non-Profit 501 (C) 3 Corporation [Privacy Policy] [Form 990 on file with Guidestar]

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