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C.A.P.S. Ceremony 2018

This past weekend we honored all of our students that participated and graduated from our Brett Torino Foundation Education Program in 2017-2018. Our graduation theme this year was Star Wars.

The program provides a way for chronically-ill children to continue their education while receiving treatment and return to school with equal opportunity and any necessary accommodations required by law to aid them in the pursuit of their educational and life-long goals.

Named after its donor, the programs and services include the Brett Torino In-Patient Classroom, located at Sunrise Children’s Hospital, tutoring, advocacy, and transition. Through these programs, our licensed professional staff members work to ensure that each child is given the opportunity and the appropriate supports to experience success in their education.

Below are the photos we captured during the ceremony. Click on any photo to view larger and right-click (or hold your finger on an image) to save to your computer or mobile device.