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Bravery Hearts Profiles of Courage Beads

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Bravery Heart Necklace supports Beads of Courage Program


The Bravery Heart Necklace is handmade of multi-colored glass beads and sold to support the Profiles of Courage Beads program.

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To order a necklace online,

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or phone (702) 735-8434.


This hands-on creative activity is designed to document the journey children take when they are diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.

The bead program provides an opportunity for children to tell their story using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of the many steps taken throughout their course of treatment.

We acknowledge the courage displayed by each and every child during this challenging journey. The commemorative necklace symbolizes their strength and achievements.


The  Profiles of Courage Beads program is offered to each child at the time of diagnosis or anytime during their treatment.

Children undergoing treatment who wish to participate are given a length of cord with beads that spell their first name.

Special beads, each representing a different aspect of treatment, are available to add to the necklace during hospital and clinic visits.

Children may collect a bead for any procedure listed on the legend that they experience to add to the necklace.

Siblings are affected by the illness of their brother or sister and have the opportunity to collect beads symbolizing their journey with their ill sibling.

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation
Profiles of Courage Beads Legend


1. Bone Marrow Aspirate/Biopsy..... Bone
2. Bone Marrow/Stem Cell/Organ Transplant.....Red Kiss
3. Central Line Removal.....Yellow Smiley Face
4. Central Line/Port.....Small Gold Heart
NP. Chemotherapy.....Multi Hearts
5. Clinic Visit.....Nurse
6. Comple of Treatment/No More Chemo.....Rainbow
7. Dressing Changes.....Maple Wood Barrel
8. Emerg/Amb/Unusual Occurrence.....Purple Wooden
9. Fever/Neutropenia.....Sun
10. Hair Loss/Thinning.....Wooden Face
11. Inpatient Admission.....AMA Symbol
12. Intensive Care Admission.....Ying/Yang
13. Intra Muscular Injection.....Bee
NP. Isolation..... Bear
14. Lumbar Puncture.....Yellow Spear
15. Peripheral Blood Draws/IV Start.....Amethyst Jewel
16. Physical Therapy/OT/ST.....Football
17. Pic Line Insertion.....Sapphire Jewel
18. Port Access.....Aqua Jewel
19. Radiation.....White Glow in the Dark
20. Stem/Bone Marrow Harvest/Dialysis.....Topaz Jewel
21. Surgery/Biopsy.....Tools
22. Tests/Scans.....Computer
23. TPN.....Yellow Wooden
24. Transfusion.....Red Jewel
25. Transplant Evaluation.....Airplane
26. Tube Insertion (e.g. Catheter, Chest, NG).....Crystal Jewel

NP = Not Pictured


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